I'm guessing you found this page because you just started an awesome non-profit (or NGO or foundation or charity or ???). You spent a lot of time coming up with a suitable name and settled on something that includes the word elevate.

Unfortunately, you are not alone.

Every few months I receive an inquiry from someone in your situation. (In economic terms, demand is high). Every person who contacts me describes a very noble cause that would make the world a better place. Unfortunately I can only choose one person to receive the domain name elevate.org, and choosing based on your mission alone is difficult. (In economic terms, supply is low.)

I've decided that money must be the deciding factor in choosing a worthy recipient of this domain.

Looking at the median household income in the United States is a good way to inform yourself when formulating an initial offer.

May the best offer win!

Matt Stevens - matt@pbjfarm.com